…surprised no-one already had the title!

This is my musing space.  For donkey’s years I’ve joked that I believe in God every other day.  But that’s not really true.  I believe in God and don’t at the same time.  On the one side there’s a rational part of me that says that there’s no real evidence for God, no reason to believe other than a fear of death and a desire not to be alone in a Godless universe.  But it’s a habit I don’t seem able to shake off.

Because it’s too good a story – the one about God becoming man and reconciling man to himself by dint of his combined divine and human natures – to reject without a damned good reason.  And while the reasons for believing may not be all that strong, the reasons for giving it up don’t amount to much either.

Pascal’s Wager?  No, I don’t think so.  After all, there’s always the possibility that God exists and the Fundamentalists are right about what He’s like! A true Pascal’s Wager approach should lead to a Fundamentalist position, because if Fundamentalism is false, then it’s OK, the more liberal God’ll let you in.  But if Fundamentalism is true, then if you’re not one, you’re stuffed.

Then again, I have some pretty good reasons for thinking fundamentalism is false – for another post.  And I digress anyway.

Enough for now.  Posts with content to follow.